Alice's Story
Posted on May 9, 2023

Ask me anything about Medicare. My name is Ron from United Healthcare.

I want to share how I helped senior consumers in my community. Alice had worked hard her entire life and was now retired. However, Alice faced a new challenge - navigating the Medicare system.

Alice had heard about Medicare but wasn't sure where to start or what questions to ask. She knew she needed to make important decisions about her healthcare coverage, but she wanted to ensure everything was correct.

That's when Alice decided to seek help. She contacted a local United Healthcare agent who was knowledgeable about Medicare. I shared the various options base on her specific needs.

I patiently listened to Alice's concerns and answered all of her questions. As a result, Alice learned about the different parts of Medicare, the costs involved, and how to enroll. I also explained how to choose between Medicare Advantage (MAPD) and Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans and helped Alice understand her prescription drug coverage (PDP) options.

Alice was able to make informed decisions about her Medicare coverage. I used easy-to-understand simple terms for her to navigate the Medicare system. As a result, she felt confident that she had chosen the right plan for her needs and budget.